I really hate ‘About’ pages, I never know what to say. How on earth does a person summarise in a paragraph the things in life that make them who they are? I could tell you I love gaming, that I can’t get enough of Mexican food and that I get way to excited over Disney for a 19 year old… I could tell you that I’m a University Student, an expert at procrastinating and love a good fluffy blanket and the odd cup of tea – but none of these things tell you who I am, they’re just tiny little quirks that barely scratch the surface. An ‘About’ page isn’t quite nearly enough space for me to try to describe who I am and what I’m ‘about’ and I’m not even sure a blog will be enough – but I’m going to try.

So stay tuned folks, see life through my eyes and maybe together we can figure out who the hell we are in this crazy world where we’re encouraged to be our one true selves (whoever that is).

– Indigo



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