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Social Discount Network Review (Number 2)

Now, I am well aware I’ve already reviewed this website, but due to recent events I felt the need to write a new one.

If you read my last review, you’ll have come away with a content sense that SDN isn’t that bad. I hate to break it to you, but I’ve had a massive change in heart.

This doesn’t happen to me very often. Usually, when I review a product or a website, I’m more than happy with the results and I always stand by my comments. But I feel like I owe it you to be honest about my recent findings. SDN isn’t as amazing at it once appeared to seem.

Recently I ordered a pair of ‘Fur Winter Boots’. In the picture supplied by the website, the boots looked uncannily like UGGs. And because the RRP was listed as being £40, I presumed they would be a pretty convincing copy of the popular Australian shoe. The phrase ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ springs to mind right about now. Because this offer certainly was too good to be true.

I own three pairs of UGG boots, but living in England with constant rain and mud, I hardly ever get to wear them. The truth is UGG boots are not suited for the outside world unless the weather is dry and the ground is drier. So I wanted to by something that looked like UGGS and were as comfy as UGGS, that I could wear outside and not have to worry about wrecking £100 shoes.

When I saw the SDN offer of a pair of boots that looked exactly like UGGS and were only £4.99 reduced from £40 – I nearly did a little wee in excitement. Finally a comfy pair of shoes I didn’t have to worry about getting muddy or wet.

When they finally arrived (they took THREE weeks to get here from the date of purchase). I ripped open the box, only to find what I can only describe as poorly made cardboard looking boots, that certainly did not have enough fur on, in or around them to be classed as ‘Fur Winter Boots’. As you can imagine – I was greatly disappointed. I never expected UGG quality, just something a lot closer than what I got.

The fact they labelled the boots as having an RRP of £40 is a complete and utter joke. No one anywhere would pay £40 for something that looked like it had come straight from Primark. In fact, who knows, they probably were ex Primark. The quality certainly matches up to their standards.

When I tried the boots on, they were loose – the tiny bit of coarse fur that does exist on the insides, barely touched me let alone kept me warm. The soles are extremely thin and look like they’ll disintegrate at even the smallest wiff of water – I highly doubt they would last one day in English winter weather. And even if they did I don’t think I’ll be wearing them in public. In fact, I think I might just send them straight back! They are not worth the £4.99 I paid for them, let alone the £40 SDN claim they are worth.

I am so disappointed. I don’t think i’ll be trusting SDN again.

Before you buy anything off the site – be careful. The pictures they put next to items, especially clothes, are clearly not what they’re selling. Before writing this I used google image search to find out the source of the ‘Fur Winter Boots’ image and it took me straight to the UGG Austrailia website. I feel almost cheated out of my money by a fraudulent picture. Item received is definitely not as described.

The sad truth is, they will probably get away with cheating people with pictures that do not relate to the item they’re selling. The way the website works, is that each deal is only up there for a limited amount of time, meaning by the time you get your item, the listing is gone and you are left with a shoddy item and no proof that the item isn’t as described. Please be very careful if you chose to buy from this site, but it would be my advice to avoid it like the plague.

What I was told I was getting....
What I was told I was getting….
What I actually got.... :(
What I actually got…. 😦

As always get in touch with me in the comments below or send me a tweet to @indigogreene and let me know your experiences!


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