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The Sims 4 ‘Outdoor Retreat Game Pack’

Recently EA released an article with information about a new sort of Expansion Pack, named the ‘Game Pack’. In the article they likened it to a Stuff Pack, saying it would include new gameplay possibilities, a new destination named Granite Falls and of all things, a bear costume (Does anyone ever use these costumes?). This Game Pack will be titled ‘Outdoor Retreat’ and will be available to purchase for £20 in January.

Currently there’s a lot of confusion around what form Outdoor Retreat will take. Is it a replacement for stuff packs? Will this be an update? DLC? Or a physical game? No one really knows as EA is yet to provide us with details. They have however said more information will be released in January.

A screenshot from Outdoor Retreat... so far looking good!
                                   A screenshot from Outdoor Retreat… so far looking good!

Personally, I feel like the Game Pack will be a hybrid between a full on expansion pack and a stuff pack. It seems like it will offer a new way to play the game, but will not provide players with as much content as an expansion pack. In regards to its form, Outdoor retreat will be available to purchase as DLC, for anyone who already has the Sims 4, from Origin, but there’s no word as of yet regarding if the GP will have a physical copy. I really hope the game will be released as a CD – I’m a bit old fashioned like that – I much prefer physical copies than downloading things. There’s just something so magical about holding one of your favourite games in your hands, and smelling that new game smell…. Just me? Okay moving on….

The news of Outdoor Retreat came with the latest free update for the game (new careers). I personally haven’t had chance to explore the new careers as some of you may know I’ve been on holiday! So please let me know what you think of the new careers below 🙂

All in all, there seems to be mixed reviews coming from the Simming community, many Simmers are concerned the Game Pack format is simply a replacement for store content, in a way that makes it more appealing to purchase and others are excited to see a new way to play the game. I, on the other hand, am going to reserve judgement until I’ve played the latest edition to the Sims 4 franchise. It could disappoint us, but who knows, maybe EA will surprise us with something we love. All I know is that Outdoor Retreat is going to have to be something special, in order to restore my faith in the franchise, as currently, the Sims 4 is just not a game I feel excited about playing. In actual fact I’ve been reinstalling my old Sims 3 games…

As always, get in touch in the comments below – It’d be really great to hear your thoughts and feelings on Outdoor Retreat. You can also send me a tweet to @IndigoGreene 🙂


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